Mouse Event Consumption

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Mouse Event Consumption

Postby brianheylin on Tue Nov 04, 2014 1:07 pm

Hey all

I'm currently hooking libRocket up to the input system of an in house engine, but I'm running into some difficulty with event consumption.
More specifically, I want to know if a given event is consumed by libRocket or not.

The input system has been connected using just the mouse atm using the following functions


None of these return a bool to signify consumption, a post on the Panda3D forums ( recommended comparing the hover and root element

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bool eventConsumed = a_Context.GetHoverElement() != a_Context.GetRootElement()

This proposition does not work as event propagation always stops at the <body> tag
The code could be modified to compare the hover element to all body tags, but this seems a little messy.

Another post here on libRocket forums recommends using a listener on the root (

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class EventFunctor : public Rocket::Core::EventListener

   virtual void ProcessEvent(Rocket::Core::Event& a_Event)
      Rocket::Core::Element& elem = *a_Event.GetTargetElement();
      LOG_DEBUG(Format("ROOT CALLBACK {0}") % ElementString(elem));

m_ConsumedCallback = new EventFunctor(m_ClickEventConsumed);
m_Context->GetRootElement()->AddEventListener("click", m_ConsumedCallback, false);

My first question is: how are people determining if a mouse event processed by librocket is consumed or not?
My second question is: how can I exclude certain <divs> from consuming mouse events?

Imagine I have a div with an image, but I would like the click to fall through to the game world.
Can I set an element as non-interactive?

Thanks for your time
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