Good default example rcss ?

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Good default example rcss ?

Postby feltech on Sat Apr 25, 2015 7:24 pm

Hey all, I was just wondering if there are any good default (creative commons/open source or similar) rcss files out there I can make use of, and then override/customise myself? - like how in a browser you get the basic defaults and override with your own css.

At the moment e.g. <button>s display with no background or border, and <p>s are displayed inline, rather than as a block.

I know there is the invaders sample that I can hack, but I would really love to see some other examples. I'm not much of an artist and besides, I don't want to be spending half my time fiddling in GIMP (libRocket is supposed to make the GUI part quick!).

Any help much appreciated!
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