Using libRocket with Advanced Ogre Framework

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Using libRocket with Advanced Ogre Framework

Postby elfinitiy on Tue Jun 25, 2013 7:41 pm

When trying to integrate the two I did the following
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class OgreFramework : public Ogre::Singleton<OgreFramework>, OIS::KeyListener,
   OIS::MouseListener,Rocket::Core::SystemInterface, Rocket::Core::RenderInterface

And copied the codes from the OgreSample.
But it just won't render, not even show the debug icon.
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this->_context = Rocket::Core::CreateContext( "GameStateContext",
      OgreFramework::getSingletonPtr()->m_pViewport->getActualHeight() ) );
   if( this->_context == NULL)
       OgreFramework::getSingletonPtr()->m_pLog->logMessage("not created -_- ");

   Rocket::Core::ElementDocument* cursor = this->_context->LoadMouseCursor("cursor.rml");
   if (cursor)

   Rocket::Debugger::Initialise( this->_context );
   Rocket::Debugger::SetVisible( true );
   Rocket::Core::ElementDocument *dt = this->_context->LoadDocument( "./demo.rml ");
   if( dt != NULL )

There are no errors here, and it says "Successfully loaded textures" but the screen is empty.
Is it because I'm using Ogre 1.9 ?
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