Advice: Which librocket's API should be ported to Python?

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Advice: Which librocket's API should be ported to Python?

Postby shackra on Fri Feb 15, 2013 6:27 pm


I'm looking for a developer to hire that can port libRocket to use fully it with Python using Cython, but that isn't my question.
I'm not a libRocket expert, so, I don't know what features of libRocket have to be ported to Python. Features that aren't present on python bindings that are build when using BUILD_PYTHON_BINDINGS of course!

pointing me linking to the documentation would be helpful!

Oh, yes, if I can afford the payment of porting libRocket, I'll release the module under the GNU LGPL 3 license ;)


Reading around in this forum: "Its more about exposing as much of libRocket to python as possible". I think thats what I'm seeking, if that's the case, I have to hire someone to work exposing more of libRocket to use in Python, in such case the work must be done using C++ and Boost, right? (and the contribution cannot be place with other license than MIT)

I saw some pull request regarding to Python and libRocket, Why aren't they merged yet?

I want to know what API of libRocket needs to be expose to python! :)
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