Avoyd - multiplayer FPS voxel game.

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Avoyd - multiplayer FPS voxel game.

Postby dougbinks on Fri Aug 30, 2013 4:34 pm

After over a decade working on AAA games, I went Indie last year and am working on creating a major update of the voxel style FPS game Avoyd I started making in 1999.

I'm using Librocket for the UI, with some minor changes you can find on my github account. The renderer integration isn't in that repo, but I may get around to sharing what I've done to increase performance and add shader support at some stage.

Rather than use scripting for the UI integration with the engine, I use runtime compiled C++ (RCC++), a technique I developed with some colleagues from the industry. The demo for RCC++ uses libRocket as well, though the renderer is basic fixed function GL.

We've recently put a up technology update video of Avoyd, which shows of the libRocket integration at the start.

I initially hesitated about adopting libRocket, as it's a relatively large UI framework and Webkit style UIs offer better tool support for artists and designers. But it's easy to use and modify, works well with RCC++, and should allow gamers to change the UI to their needs. As part of making Avoyd I'm trying to contribute back to the community as much as possible, and will try and help out with libRocket where possible. I'm also contributing the changes I'm making for RCC++ and GLFW (the OpenGL cross platform windowing library I use).
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